Your new Smartfrog App features at a glance

At Smartfrog, we work tirelessly to create solutions that are even better for you. With the latest update to your Smartfrog app, many new, useful features which make home monitoring even easier and more convenient, await you. Here, we present all the new functions and latest changes:

Save and share clips via the app

Saving and sharing clips was previously only possible using a laptop or PC but you can now also do this easily on your Smartfrog app. In just a few steps, you can download videos onto your smartphone and share them with friends or family. It’s now even easier to capture all of your favourite moments to share on social media channels as well as Whatsapp and SMS.

Even smarter notifications

New, interactive notifications let you make even faster interventions at home. As soon as a sound or motion is detected by your Smartfrog camera you’ll immediately receive a notification directly to your smartphone. Using the thumbnail which pops up directly on your phone’s lock screen, you can see exactly what’s going on at home and with just one click you’ll be taken directly into the app so that you can intervene immediately.

Mute your alarms and still keep up to date

You can now mute your alarms but still keep up to date with your notifications. As soon as you activate this function, all of your notifications will be muted for one hour. By going into the ‘Alarms & Events’ setting though, you can easily keep up-to-date on all new notifications.

For more information about the Smartfrog App and the latest updates, please visit our website or contact Smartfrog Support if you have any questions.