Have you experienced a break in? Here are 7 steps to follow immediately

Experiencing a burglary at home is hugely difficult for all those affected but it’s important to act quickly to minimise damage. In these moments of shock however, it’s especially difficult to keep a cool head and to know what to do next. Here, we’ve provided an overview of the most important steps to follow, so that we can all be well prepared.

Notify the police immediately.

Report the break-in to the police as soon as possible by dialling 110/101 (depending on where you live). The sooner you make this call, the better.

Try not to move or touch anything.

Take care not to touch anything or clean up as this will disrupt the evidence of the burglary. When the police arrive, forensics will start and it is very important that everything remains unchanged before that. What may look like a mess to you could be an important clue for the police.

Check your IP camera recordings.

If you have a surveillance system installed the recordings are extremely helpful in providing evidence of the break-in. Clues from surveillance cameras in your apartment, or possibly those of a neighbor, can give investigators a decisive clue on how to catch the burglar. These recordings will also make it possible to determine exactly which items were stolen and how much damage was inflicted.

Determine exactly what’s missing.

So that you can give an exact indication of the damage caused, you’ll need an overview of what’s missing and what’s not. It’s best to go through things in your head to work out what was left where but you won’t be able to think of everything straight away and you may only notice some things are missing after a few days. Process the shock of the burglary first and then concentrate on working out what was taken.

If your bank cards are missing close your accounts immediately.

Go into your nearest bank branch or call the customer service to get your account blocked. If you don’t, the thieves could also gain access to the money in your account which should be avoided at all costs. Report any damage to your insurance company.
Inform your insurance company about the break in as soon as possible and if doors or windows have been damaged, get them repaired as quickly as you can. In most cases, household insurance will compensate for the damage caused and costs incurred by the burglary.

Get a new surveillance camera for extra security.

The shock of a burglary is not to be underestimated, especially when objects with important emotional value are stolen. As a rule, the case facts can often only be clarified after some time has passed, or sometimes not at all. To make your home safer and reduce the fear of further break-ins, a new surveillance camera should be purchased to ensure all possible entrances (windows, doors etc.) are carefully monitored.