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3 simple tricks anyone can teach their dog

Whether standing in line, travelling by train or waiting for the bus, thanks to modern technologies such as Smartfrog, it’s now easy to set up a video connection directly with your home via smartphone and see what your pet is up to.

What’s more, clever and practical features mean that you can talk to, play with, and instruct your furry friend even when you’re not there. Naturally, every animal should have a daily dose of exercise and personal interaction but if your pet is ever home alone you can now use your free time to check in on it.

Play with your pet and teach it new tricks

Animal tricks are fun for both owners and their four legged friends. Any sort of training promotes an animal’s ability to concentrate and endure but what’s even more special are the joint successes that owners and their animals can achieve together.

IP cameras such as Smartfrog’s mean you can easily and comfortably teach your pet new commands. Once an IP camera is installed in your home you can tune into what’s happening there live and within seconds, all from your smartphone.

You don’t have to start teaching your pet new tricks straight away either. Younger or inexperienced animals can first learn to adapt and get the reassurances they need through your IP camera so that they get used to being alone whenever you need to nip out for a short time.

3 tricks every cat or dog can learn with Smartfrog

As a general rule, short practice sessions and rewards are the keys to teaching your pet something new and if the new tricks succeed easily when you’re in direct contact with your animal you can also try testing them when you’re not at home through your Smartfrog Cam. In these cases you won’t have any treats to reward your animal with but you can assert any successes by praising your pet clearly over the microphone. Take regular breaks so as not to tire your pet and keep the exercises fun.

Teach your pet to sit down by saying the command “sit!” loudly whenever it sits down at its own accord so that it gets used to the word. After a while, your animal will connect the command with the position. Make sure you praise your pet every time it sits down on command and success won’t be far off.

The difference between “sit!” and “down!” is slight but once mastered your dog or cat will learn to lie completely on the ground from the sitting position. Practice the transition from sitting to lying by putting a treat on the floor in front of your pet or putting your hand in front of their face to get their attention. When their nose goes closer to the ground say “down!” loudly so that your animal gets used to the movement and its associated command.

This is one of the most classic animal tricks and it’s not that hard to teach. To do it, make sure your pet is laying with all four paws properly on the ground and its head square on. Next, hold a treat to one side of your pet’s neck so that it has to turn its head around to get it. Now, continue moving the treat so that your animal has to turn completely over and be sure to say the “Roll!” command out loud as you do it. This trick is best practiced in both directions and once you’ve started you can always continue practicing it along with any others via your Smartfrog Cam.

Don’t miss these functions on your pet camera

Make sure your IP camera has all the most important features you’ll need to practice tricks with your pet when on the go.

  • To be able to talk to your animal when out and about you’ll need a 2-way audio function. This means your IP camera will both record and produce sounds so that you can communicate directly with your pet.
  • If you’ve successfully mastered new tricks with your pet you can amaze others and capture all the funniest moments by editing saved video footage together and creating clips to share with your friends and family.
  • Secure cloud storage is also key to ensure that important recordings are saved and your data is kept safe.

Which IP camera is right for you and your pet?

Smartfrog offers all the above mentioned features and functions for just £5.95 per month with no minimum contract period and a contract that’s cancellable monthly.

To use, all you have to do is plug your Smartfrog IP camera into the power supply, connect it to your WiFi network and link it to your smartphone using the Smartfrog app. Then you’re all ready to go and play with your pet!