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How to control your Smartfrog cameras via Amazon Echo, Alexa and other Fire devices

Yes, you heard right! From now on, you can control your Smartfrog IP-Cams via your Amazon Echo, Alexa, or corresponding Fire devices simply by voice command.

Whether you want to leave the house or arrive, from now on you won’t need a free hand to switch your Smartfrog Cam on and off with the app – you’ll only need your voice.

You can easily tell Alexa if you want to turn your Smartfrog Cam off or on. This function works with all the cameras you have connected to your Amazon Echo device.

How to turn your Smartfrog Cam off and on with Alexa

Once you have connected your Smartfrog Cam to Amazon Echo, you can switch your cameras on or off using various commands:

“Alexa, turn on the Smartfrog camera.”

“Alexa, turn off the Smartfrog camera.”

Please note however, that the name you chose for your camera during installation is the same name that your Amazon Echo device is based on.

Tip: The feature now works with all Amazon Alexa devices as well as Echo, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire Tablets and Fire TV.

Expand your Smart Home system now

Finally, you can design your home the way you want it and connect your Smartfrog IP camera to other Smart Home devices.

Whether it’s switching off the Smartfrog surveillance camera in your home’s entrance area, or switching another Smartfrog Cam on in the nursery – intelligent Smart Home extensions offer plenty of new possibilities to help increase your comfort and reduce your energy consumption, both at the same time.

How to connect your Smartfrog Cam with Alexa

If you want to connect your Smartfrog Cam to Alexa, just go to your Alexa settings, go to the “Skills” section, and select the Smartfrog camera.

  1. Click on “activate”
  2. A new window will open asking your to enter your Smartfrog login data
  3. Agree to the authorisation and close the window
  4. Click on “Detect device” to connect Alexa to your Smartfrog Cam

Voila! Now you can control your Smartfrog Cam through Alexa.

More information about Smartfrog and Alexa voice commands can be found in our FAQs!