5 reasons, why motion detection is important for video surveillance

All modern video surveillance systems offer a variety of useful features and functions, but none are as important as an integrated motion detector.

Here, we’ve summarised the 5 reasons why a surveillance camera with motion detector functionality shouldn’t be missing from your home surveillance solution.

Caught in the act

One of the main benefits, of course, is burglary protection and the sooner thieves are spotted, the sooner the police will be at your door. Surveillance cameras with a motion detector will immediately detect a movement and notify you via an app on your smartphone or email if something changes at home.

Avoid unnecessary false alarms

Motion sensors can easily be adjusted to different sensitivity levels to avoid annoying false alarms, e.g. leaves moving outside a window. A “zone” functionality lets users mark an area that is particularly important to them as well. By focusing the motion sensors on sensitive areas where burglars more frequently gain access such as windows or doors and excluding all other areas, users will also avoid getting alerts if, for example, a pet moves around the house.

Everything in view – even at night!

To make sure no one sneaks past your IP camera when it’s dark outside, a night vision function brings light to the darkness. With the help of infrared your motion detector is able to detect unwanted movements even in low light. You can read more about this in our blog entry about Smartfrog’s night vision function.

The smart-home app solution

The free Smartfrog app rounds off your video surveillance system perfectly. The app not only allows you to look into your own four walls whilst on the move, it also notifies you as soon as the IP camera’s motion sensors detect something. If an intruder is spotted by your surveillance camera a message will be sent directly to you via the Smartfrog app so that you can check what’s happening in the live stream and notify the police in the case of an emergency.

Cloud storage included

Even the smallest clues can help police work out a culprit. Image and sound recordings are backed up onto your cloud storage and can later provide crucial information to facilitate the successful capture of thieves.


A smart home is no longer a future dream. The technological advancements of the last decade have enabled a whole host of available functions that will make your home even safer. A motion detector is especially helpful in video surveillance solutions and means users are immediately informed about unusual events inside their own four walls, allowing them to respond quickly in the case of a break-ins.