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Surveillance camera test: What makes a good IP camera?

The range of surveillance technology on the market is now enormous. Not all devices have the same capabilities however, and not all companies provide the same service. Wondering what makes the Smartfrog Cam different to other IP cameras? We’ve highlighted some of Samrtfrog’s key comparison areas so you know what to be aware of when looking at other IP cams.

Simple installation

You can set up the Smartfrog camera in just 5 minutes, even without any prior technical knowledge. Just download the app, connect the camera to a power supply and enter the WiFi password. When installing many other security cameras, you’ll also need an additional LAN cable in order to establish an internet connection. Not all service providers include an easy-to-use and app either, for free.

Monthly, affordable, cancellable subscriptions

For just £4.95 a month (no minimum contract duration, cancellable at any time) you’ll get the complete Smartfrog solution including IP camera, app and 24-hour video cloud storage. With many other IP camera companies you’ll have to buy the IP camera up front at a cost of up to £300. You’ll then have to pay extra for video storage and a monthly subscription.

HD quality and night vision

The Smartfrog IP camera records videos in HD quality so you’ll always have a razor-sharp picture. With the night vision function you’ll also be able to see what’s going on in the darkness keeping everything in view, at all times. Many security cameras do not deliver HD-quality footage which leaves videos blurry and details difficult to work out. IP cameras without a night-vision function are therefore hardly usable in the dark hours meaning if something happens at night, the recordings are totally worthless.

Microphone and speakers

The Smartfrog surveillance camera has a microphone and speakers. Using them means you can hear and speak into your own four walls at any time e.g. to say goodnight to your children; to drive your dog off the sofa; or to let an intruder know that the police are on their way. Surveillance cameras without microphones or speakers only allow you to see what’s going on at home and in an emergency you won’t be able to hear what’s happening. As a result, these cameras aren’t very suitable for burglary protection and also rather impractical as baby monitors.

Continuous cloud storage

With Smartfrog, video data is continuously backed up in the cloud meaning if a break-in happens, your pet does something funny, or if you just want to capture any other special moment you’ll be able to download the recording as a clip from cloud storage. Many IP cameras only record when something moves and do not offer continuous video storage. If they save data to SD cards there’s also an increased risk of losing precious clips and recordings.

Share your live stream with friends and family

If you’re going on holiday and want to ask someone to take care of your home whilst away, Smartfrog allows you to share your IP camera stream with friends, neighbours and relatives – all without having to tell anyone your log in information or password. You and the people you share your recordings with can access the stream from any connected device – whether on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Some other IP Cams are only manageable from a single device but this can be impractical, especially if you’re on the road and leave your smartphone at home.

A continual power source

The Smartfrog security camera is continually powered meaning you can check in on your home at any time, all around the clock. The power cable connects directly to the camera and reaches far enough for you to place it anywhere in your home without any problems.

Battery-powered surveillance cameras on the other hand, run a power-saving mode and don’t usually record around the clock. In critical moments there’s also the chance the batteries might run out meaning you won’t be notified if anything happens at your house.

The highest data security standards

Security is a top priority at Smartfrog. With similar standards to those used in online banking, all video data is transmitted securely using SSL encryption and stored in TÜV- and ISO-certified high-security data centres in Europe. The independent IT security institute AV-TEST certified Smartfrog’s home-use video surveillance solution as the first IP camera worldwide to achieve the top grade score of “secure” and awarded it three out of a possible three security stars. Many other surveillance cameras have significant security flaws and can easily be overridden by hackers. This makes it easy for unauthorised people to access your camera and videos as well as any other devices connected to your wireless router.

If you have any questions about the various functions of the Smartfrog camera, your data security or any other concerns then our customer service will be happy to help you: