Enjoy the football, let Smartfrog take care of security

Fans across the the world are following the high-class sporting matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The World Cup tournament, which runs from 14 June – 15 July, will see 32 teams playing 64 games across 11 stadiums in Russia, this year’s host country.  Football fans who want to ensure their homes and businesses are fine and secure can rely on Smartfrog, leaving them free to cheer on their national team.

Keep both eyes on the game

Whether you’re watching the games down the road at a friend’s place, at a public viewing space or in amongst the action in Russia, Smartfrog has an eye on your home all the time. It means you can focus on the thrilling football matches, and Smartfrog looks after the rest. Major sporting events are prime times for burglars to strike, when they know that occupants are out watching a match in a public viewing venue or at a bar. The Smartfrog camera will send alerts to your phone if unusual activity is detected, so that you can take action. Just download the Smartfrog app (iOS and Android) and connect the Smartfrog camera to power and WiFi. As easy as that, you can always look into your living room at any time from your mobile, tablet or PC.

See your friends watching the game

Are you enjoying the action from the comfort of your living room, but want to share the exciting moments with friends in other towns, cities or countries? Why not share with them a link to your Smartfrog camera, so they can watch you and your family cheering every goal and enjoying the match. With Smartfrog’s time-lapse function, you can easily share fun time-lapse videos of you and your friends watching the game. They are great to share on social media, to show other fans how you celebrated the game.

The Smartfrog Cam is quick and easy to set up, and affordable at £4.95 (€5.95) per month, with no minimum contract period. It is delivered straight to your door and ready in 5 minutes. So before you put on your team colours and head out to cheer on the players at an open-air event, turn on the Smartfrog camera to keep watch over your home.