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Why use a surveillance camera? 10 reasons why an IP cam is really useful

IP cameras are very much on-trend. Smart solutions that protect your home are one of the hot topics of the IFA technology exhibition in Berlin. You’re asking yourself, what is the value in a surveillance camera and how can you use it? There are plenty of good reasons as to why you should have one – here are our top 10:

See everything from anywhere

With a modern IP camera you can always keep an eye on your home and business. Whether you’re on vacation or out and about, you can always see, hear and speak into you own four walls via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

IP cameras stop burglars in their tracks and give you a secure feeling

Enjoy the feeling of a secure home! Easily see from anywhere if everything is OK at home. As soon as something moves, or a sound is detected, you will receive a notification to your smartphone. An IP camera can also help prevent burglaries. According to the police, almost half of all burglaries are interrupted when the thieves see a camera and feel watched.

Versatile use

A surveillance camera isn’t only for protection against burglars – it is truly an all-rounder. It can be used as a baby monitor, for example, or to see what your pets are doing at home. An IP camera can also support you in the care of elderly loved ones.

Easy to install

You don’t have to be a tech expert or professional handyman. Modern IP cameras are easy and fast to set up and use. You simply download the app and connect the surveillance camera to power and WiFi. Straight away you can see from anywhere if everything is alright at home.

Affordable Solutions

Security doesn’t have to be expensive: in fact, Smartfrog offers a home security solution from 5.95 Euro per month, including IP camera, app and 24-hour video cloud storage. There is no minimum contract period, and the option to cancel month-to-month.

High-level data security

Is data security important to you? Then ensure that your IP camera meets the highest security standards. Highly recommended solutions transfer video data securely by SSL encryption, similar to online banking, and store it in highly secure data centers – preferably in Germany. You can depend on independent seals and certificates such as TÜV, ISO or AV-TEST.

Useful functions

These days, easy-to-use IP cameras offer many functions such as motion and noise detection, microphone, loudspeaker and night vision with infrared. If the camera detects movement or a sound, you will receive an email or push notification to your smartphone.

High image quality allows for recording even when it’s dark

Thanks to HD quality, modern surveillance cameras don’t only provide sharp images during the day. Cameras with night vision can also record well in complete darkness. So you can, for example, see at night via the app whether your baby is sleeping soundly, and that everything is fine in the kids’ room.

Remember special moments

With an IP camera you can save funny and irreplaceable moments to enjoy for the rest of your life. Simply create video clips and share them with your family and friends. If a break-in occurs, images recorded by your surveillance camera can help with police investigations.

Security that hardly takes up any space

IP cameras are small and light. They do not occupy much space and can be installed in almost any position, wherever there is a WiFi connection and power supply.

A secure home is no longer just for wealthy people. If you enjoy feeling secure and want to any time that everything is all right at home, you can protect yourself and your loved one with an IP camera.

Do you still have questions about the value of a surveillance camera, or how it works? We’re happy to help out: