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5 smart tips for making parenthood much easier

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world is special, but – as all parents know – it comes with a bunch of challenges they have never encountered before. In this high-tech age there are so many innovative solutions to modern-day parenting dilemmas. When it comes to IoT and smart home devices, we’ve collated a few of our favorites for mums and dads:

Feeding on the go

Parents know how difficult it can be to feed baby a bottle of warm milk when you’re not at home. Begging café staff for use of their microwave, lugging thermoses of hot water around, or just not leaving the house at all. These are often the only options, when your baby or toddler won’t rest without their bottle. The smart self-warming bottle makes it easy to warm up milk when you aren’t at home. It’s safe, fast and convenient. Say no more!

More than your average baby monitor

It’s natural for parents to want to keep an eye on their kids round the clock. Smart home surveillance solutions can help parents ensure their children are safe and sleeping well in their cribs. For example, the Smartfrog Cam has motion detection that alerts you if your baby makes a sound or moves around, and night vision allows parents to see via the app that their child is sleeping soundly. The Smartfrog Cam also has two-way audio, so you can even say goodnight from wherever you are.

Change to a smarter table

It’s an essential in every nursery – the humble change table. But what if the baby change table could do more than provide just a flat surface? A company created a smart change pad with in-built technology to monitor how baby is growing, thanks to a wireless smart scale. Parents can access the information from their smartphones, which makes it easy to check in on baby’s health metrics.

Under a clever umbrella

Parents spend between one third to half of their year dealing with rain when taking care of their children. In London, parents are wheeling their children around in strollers for an average of 109 days each year! Keeping themselves and their children dry while pushing a stroller in pelting rain is a real feat. Tackling this challenge is the Mumbrella: a nifty umbrella that attaches directly to a stroller, keeping mum and dad dry and hands free. It’s not ‘tech’ but it is technically brilliant.

A digital temperature check

Before your child can speak and tell you they aren’t feeling well, the thermometer is one of the only tools in a parent’s arsenal to check how a sick child’s fever or sickness is progressing. It’s only available in the US for now, but there is a smart digital thermometer on the market, which plugs directly into a smartphone and lets parents track their children’s health – and their own health, too.