Woman with laptop searching for security camera

Five most commonly asked questions about security cameras

Our customer service team loves hearing from customers; whether it’s feedback about the camera or questions that we can help to answer. We’ve collected a few of the commonly asked questions people have about home surveillance cameras, for which there are quick and easy answers!

“How do I choose a security camera?”

It’s important to choose a camera that has very good essential functions, such as movement and noise detection, so that you can immediately know if something has happened at home. The security of your data is also important, which is why the video data should be transferred with SSL encryption, similar to the online banking process, and should be stored in TÜV- and ISO-certified servers. Ensure that your data isn’t saved on an external SD card, as that’s how somebody can access your video. If you’re thirsty for more information, we’ve compiled more top tips for choosing an IP camera here.

“Where can I get a security camera?”

You can purchase a home surveillance camera online, such as via the Smartfrog website.

“How do I connect a security camera to iPhone or Android?”

With the Smartfrog Cam, connecting to a smartphone is an easy three-step process. Simply download the free App to your smartphone, connect the Smartfrog Cam to power and WiFi, and follow the prompts in the App. In just 5 minutes you’re ready to go, and you can see into your home from anywhere, at any time from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

 “Where should I put my security camera?”

This very much depends on the layout of your home, and the number/kind of entrances you have into your home. A few paces from your front and rear entrances, or in the garage, close to first floor windows – these are the first ports of call for many customers. Maybe you have a balcony? Or you’re more interested to use a security camera as a baby monitor? We published a blog post with some easy tips on placing your camera in the right spot in your home.

“Who can view the security camera footage?”

The short answer is, only you. At Smartfrog, your video data is transferred with SSL encryption, similar to the online banking process, and is stored in TÜV- and ISO-certified servers. When you control the camera, you decide who can see the footage. If you wish, you can grant access to your partner, parents, a neighbor or friend to view the live stream and footage. If your pet does something funny or the kids are being especially sweet, you can even edit the footage into short clips to share with friends and family via email or social media. You can grant and revoke access to view the live feed as you wish.