Woman celebrating St Patrick's Day in green and orange
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Celebrating in green and orange: Tips for celebrating St Patrick’s Day this March

As a Dublin-based Irish company, St Patrick’s Day is close to Smartfrog’s heart, and celebrating with some green and orange – of course – is somewhat obligatory. Whether you’re a seasoned parade-goer, or it’s your first time on the bandwagon, we have a few tips to help you celebrate the day and night in just the right way.

Connect with the history of the day

St Patrick’s Day is more than just a day for partying with shamrock accessories. In honour of the patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick, the day is for the Irish one of feasting, national pride and community celebration. It falls on 17th March, but in many places the revelers begin celebrating 1-2 days prior, and continue for a couple of days after. You can celebrate the day even if you aren’t in Ireland, or attending the huge parades in New York, Boston, Buenos Aires, Sydney or other cities with large Irish diaspora around the world.

Show your Irish colours

As the saying goes, everybody is “a little bit Irish” on St Patrick’s Day, and what better way to get into the Gaelic spirit than in costume! Wearing green clothes is simply necessary. Whether you’re wearing a small shamrock pin or clad in green from head to toe, your clothes will lift the mood and help you blend into the orange, white and green crowds. Popular accessories to complement your green clothes are shamrock sunglasses, leprechaun hats and Irish flags worn as capes. Saint Patrick was said to have explained the Trinity to the Irish using the shamrock.

Plan ahead and stay safe

If you are going out to celebrate, plan your route before leaving home, including checking for public transport options and timings, or choosing a designated driver if necessary. Also remember that public holidays and mass public celebrations are prime times for burglars to strike. Especially if you’re in a town or city where many people flock to bars or public spaces, it’s a wise move to have a home surveillance camera, such as the Smartfrog Cam, active in your home. From the parade or pub you can look inside your home and check that everything is fine.