Burglar attempting to break into home

A burglar’s bag of tricks: 5 tips for staying one step ahead of thieves

Theft is one of the most common crimes in the UK and Ireland and the burglary world is never short on numbers. Thieves are constantly developing new tricks for planning and carrying out burglaries.

Our 5 easy tips will show you how to bungle burglars’ plans, and protect your home from thieves and unwanted guests.

Spot the red herring a mile off – stay one step ahead of deceptions

Thieves are increasingly getting into homes much more comfortably and easily. How? They’re being invited inside. Burglars ring the doorbell disguised as heating engineers, craftsmen or parcel delivery personnel, then gain access to your home under pretense of their guise. How can you protect yourself? Never open the door to strangers, always ask these seemingly official persons for their identification cards, and contact their supposed organizations to check their credibility.

Stay wise to their cons

The con industry is positively booming. Whether it’s long-lost nephews knocking at the door, or pregnant women asking for a glass of water – burglars are creative if nothing else. Be wary of small-talk too, because sometimes a thief will pose as a salesperson, company representative or neighbor, to find out when you are usually out of the house and simultaneously spying through your apartment to check out the doors and windows.

No easy wins for burglars

We always like to make our lives more comfortable, but sometimes the little shortcuts can quickly lead to a break-in. That’s why leaving your key under the mat or in the foyer is never a good idea – it’s an easy win for thieves. You should also instruct packet delivery personnel not to leave your packages in front of the front door. That’s an easy signal to burglars that you are not at home, and that the coast is clear for them to break in.

Get to know your neighbors

If up to now you haven’t cared who lives next door to you, it’s high time to become acquainted with your neighbors. Not only is it nice to know who else is living nearby, but it’s also good protection against thieves. Alert neighbors can help prevent burglaries, or quickly call the police if you aren’t at home. Together you can watch out for one another, ensuring doors are closed and that no uninvited guests are lurking unnoticed in the building.

Home surveillance systems protect your home

Even when you’ve taken all kinds of precautions, flexible home surveillance solutions are the best protection against burglars. This doesn’t always have to mean expensive, complicated alarm systems. Affordable alternatives, like the security camera from Smartfrog, can notify you as soon as something moves in your home. In case the burglar has fled before the police arrive, the footage from the camera can help in identifying the criminal. The complete home surveillance solution from Smartfrog includes an HD camera, App and video storage for just €5.95 (£4.95) per month, to give you peace of mind when you’re not at home.