5 tips to celebrate New Years safely

Around New Years Eve, there is a huge amount of excitement for the year ahead, reflecting on the year just past, and pure exuberance, of course. Advice given out often just revolves around handling the firework safely. But what are some of the additional ways you can keep you and your family safe this NYE?

Lock up the house securely

Burglars often strike on nights when they know most people are out celebrating. New Years Eve is a prime occasion for a break-in, because as many people ring in the new year, they have forgotten to put the usual protections on their homes. Most people stay out very late, giving burglars ample time to get in through the window, back door or cellar, to steal valuables. Double check that all doors and windows are locked tightly before you go out, consider activating sensor lighting, and set up your Smartfrog Cam before you go out, to receive a notification of any suspicious movement or activity in the house.

Ensure you have an easy, safe route home

Keep in mind that Ubers and taxis may be in short supply, and could cost a lot of money. If you, or somebody in your group, is sipping only on non-alcoholic beverages all night, this affords an easy, safe way to get home from the celebrations. Check out public transport timetables before you go out for the evening, to ensure you know when and how you can get home.

Let Smartfrog be your eyes and ears

You can easily check in on your home from wherever you are celebrating on New Years eve. Take a break between the party snacks and fireworks to check on your smartphone that everything is fine at home. You can look into your living room from anywhere at any time, check that the pets are ok (they are often distressed by fireworks), and make sure there are no intruders lurking around.

Ensure the kids are sleeping through into the New Year

If you’re out with friends and the babysitter is watching over the kids, you can look in on your sleeping angels from your smartphone at any time, from anywhere. Ensure they’re calmly sleeping through the night into 2017 without stirring. If the kids are sleeping soundly, and you and your partner want to duck downstairs for an NYE dinner or a celebratory glass of prosecco, Smartfrog Cam acts as a baby monitor, notifying you that baby is moving or crying, so that you can quickly go back upstairs to comfort them.

Consider celebrating closer to home

One of the easiest ways to ensure you have a fun, easy path into the New Year is to celebrate from home, or close to it! Inviting friends around for a NYE dinner feast, or gathering at a neighbourhood bar to ring in 2017 is a sure-fire way to keep stress to a minimum and get home safe and sound. But if you are going further afield to welcome the next 365 days, the Smartfrog Cam can be there at home for you, for a low price of €5.99 (£4.99) per month, including the HD Cam, App and video storage. It’s quick and easy to install, and only needs WiFi and power to get started. If only geverything was that simple!

Smartfrog wishes you and your loved ones a happy, safe and successful New Years Eve and a wonderful start to 2017.