Get Christmas-ready with Smartfrog!

Christmas is approaching and the cosy time of the year begins. We take a look at four ways that Smartfrog’s smart home surveillance solution can help bring some more Christmas joy and feelings of security into your home.

The Smartfrog Cam watches over the Christmas tree while you’re away

Planning a vacation over the Christmas period, or maybe you’re visiting family out of town? Burglars strike more often during holiday periods, when they know people are more likely to be away or out celebrating. So Christmas is an important time to secure your home and protect it with smart technology.

Present your loved ones with a gift they can really use

Avoid the queues in the high street stores this Christmas and order Smartfrog Cams for your friends and family! You can order Smartfrog Cams online to be delivered right to your door, or straight to theirs! Shipping is free within the UK and Ireland, and set up is so quick and easy, that anybody can install and use a Smartfrog Cam within five minutes.

The gift that keeps on giving the feeling of security at home

Even after Christmas, you can keep on feeling safer in your home or small business. When you aren’t in your own four walls, Smartfrog is there to watch over everything in your absence. Easily see inside your living room or office from anywhere, at any time, from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Capture special festive season memories

Whether it’s the dressing of the tree, or the kids sneaking into the living room on Christmas Eve to see Santa Claus delivering presents, or those special moments drinking mulled wine and listening to Christmas music with loved ones, Smartfrog captures video footage that you can then edit and share with your family.

Smartfrog wishes you a safe and happy holiday!