Protecting your shop or business – 5 tips to stop thieves in their tracks

Always securely close doors and windows

First things first, lock those doors and windows. Even if you are only away for a short time, you should ensure that everything is left completely secure – always double check before you go. An extra lock with a secure latch can be a worthwhile investment, or think about installing a cross-bolt lock. It’s also an idea to ensure that your shop windows are mirrored from the outside, so as not to tempt burglars. In case of any damage, your insurance company will check whether the shop was properly locked up.

Lock up your valuables

It’s always advisable to take valuable goods with you when you leave the shop, however when high-value items are not so easy to transport, you can secure them in a safe or a vault. This protects the goods from fire as well as from thieves. Thieves are wise to the usual trick of hiding things under a flowerpot, in books or in a locked drawer. It can be hard to disguise larger things like stereos or other store stock. In such cases, investing in comprehensive insurance is advisable.

Secure your external data

Regularly back up the data on your computers or laptops, either to an external hard drive or in the cloud. But above all else, do back up your sensitive data. Customers should never be left alone in the room with hardware, and ideally you could divide the shop into customer areas and staff-only areas, to minimize risk of tampering. Protect your laptops, tablets and PCs with passwords that are difficult to guess. These kinds of security measures make it difficult for thieves and burglars to steal your hardware and access your important information.

Choose a reliable security system

Here it’s also important to choose the right provider. With Smartfrog’s complete solution, including App, Smarfrog Cam and video cloud storage, you can see, listen and speak into your offices and business premises from anywhere, at any time. Smartfrog scores particularly well, offering a quick and easy 5-minute camera setup. It’s as easy as downloading the app, registering and connecting the Smartfrog Cam with electricity and WiFi. Straight away you will be able to check that everything is okay at the shop or office when you’re on the go. If movement or sound is detected, you will receive an alert via email or a push notification on your smartphone.

Well-lit showrooms

Well-lit shops give the impression that there is constant presence in building. You can also achieve this by having fewer dark corners, rooms at strange angles or wide pillars. Shelves shouldn’t be too high, allowing for a good view into all parts of the shop at all times. Particularly valuable items should ideally be displayed at the checkout or offered only as an advertisement rather than on the showroom floor. Installing wall and ceiling mirrors in the shop can also reduce the risk of theft. To improve overall security for just €5.95 (£4.95) per month, with no minimum contract term and monthly cancellation, the Smartfrog Cam is an easy and affordable way to keep everything in sight.