When the humans are away, the pets come out to play

It was always a great mystery, what our cats and dogs did while we were out of the house, or at work during the day. Do they relish in the privacy of an empty house, or do they miss us terribly when we go? Not to mention, why do our shoes and socks go missing… But now with the Smartfrog Cam, it’s possible to look in on your pets at home at any time, from anywhere. Since around 1 in 2 households in the UK own a pet – making it around 20 million pets owned (excluding fish) – there’s a high chance you have a furry friend at home that you’d like to check up on.

Share your pets lives with friends on social media

Our pets always do funny things that we wished we had been able to capture on our smartphones. Now you don’t need to be standing at the ready with your smartphone to capture your dog back flipping off the couch, or the cat trying to make that long jump between the table and the couch. Using the Smartfrog Cam time lapse function you can watch the past 24 hours in just 5 minutes! When you see something funny, simply save the clip and then you can also share it with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Watch how your pet is behaving

The Smartfrog Cam can also be a useful tool to analyze your pet’s behavior. If you notice high levels of distress, or perhaps unusual behavior that could indicate they are ill, it gives you time and information to act. Why not capture the clip using your Smartfrog Cam and take it to your local veterinarian. It could give them more context in helping you with the problem.

Likewise showing footage to a dog trainer could be helpful. If your dog is chewing on the furniture, showing signs of separation anxiety or other strange behaviors, a dog trainer will be in a better position to advise you on next steps if they can see footage that you clipped from your Smartfrog Cam video storage.

See how your pet is developing and learning

Keep your pet entertained with a game of its very own. Because paws and a Playstation controller don’t often mix well, a game such as the one from plays games with your dog and rewards its success with treats. You can watch their progress via your Smartfrog Cam and show your colleagues and friends how clever your furry little friend can be.

Talking to your pets is normal – not crazy!

The two-way audio function on the Smartfrog Cam means that you can talk with your animal throughout the day, whether telling the dog to get off the couch, or telling your beloved cat that you will be home soon. You can listen to the miaows that your cat gives back, and being a good pet owner, you will know exactly what it means! For only £4.95 (€5.95) per month, with no minimum contract period, your Smartfrog Cam is an easy and affordable way to watch and protect your pets.