Affordable, fast and easy tips for protecting your home this summer

Even while you enjoy the sunshine and warm weather outside, it’s easy to panic about your home or small business being safe from intruders. In the spirit of the season, Smartfrog has collated six top tips for helping you ensure your house or apartment is well protected while you’re on vacation or as you enjoy the summer from the comfort of your own home.

Keep an eye on your business

Securing your home and business while you are on summer holidays is simple, affordable and set up in less than five minutes. At just £4.95 (€5.95) per month, with no minimum contract period, the Smartfrog Cam is the perfect camera for any budget. You can watch the day’s events in just five minutes using the time lapse function, and Smartfrog will alert you if there is movement or sound outside of usual business hours.

Enjoy some “me time”

If you are enjoying a summer “staycation” (enjoying a summer at home) use your Smartfrog Cams as a baby monitor to give you some much needed R&R. Longer daylight hours in summer mean that having a glass of wine in the restaurant downstairs is a lovely evening treat, when you can be looking in on your sleeping baby via your smartphone. If your child wakes up or makes a sound, the Smartfrog Cam (with Night Vision) will send alerts directly to your email and smartphone.

Stop intruders in their tracks

Burglars strike during periods when they know many will be away. If you’re on a driving holiday, consider the gap that your car leaves on the street, where it’s usually parked.  If you are away from an extended period, maybe your mailbox is overflowing with letters and junk mail – this is another easy sign for burglars that your home is empty. Consider asking a trusted friend or neighbour to collect your mail while you are away. There are a whole host of methods that a burglar can use to determine whether or not you are home. But with Smartfrog, you can ensure that you’re alerted in case an intruder tries to enter your house. In turn you can save the footage, pass it on to the authorities if you wish, and even command the burglar to leave using the two way audio function.

Watch over Gran and Grandad

If your elderly parents or grandparents aren’t able to join for the vacation, but you want to still ensure they are safe and happy while you are away, look no further than the Smartfrog Cam to be your eyes and ears. You can check in on them to ensure all is fine, and Smartfrog will send you notifications in case of intruders, strange sounds or movements. Two-way audio allows you to speak with your loved ones from wherever you are in the world, via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Check in on your pets

You can see what your pets are doing any time, and from anywhere with the Smartfrog Cam. Wherever your summer break takes you, it’s always possible to check that the cat is well and that the dog is not on the sofa! Smartfrog not only lets you speak with your pets via two way audio, but you can also save funny video footage of your pets in your Smartfrog video storage, then share it with your friends.

When summer is over…

If you have a holiday house or vacation apartment, you’ll want to keep an eye on it once the summer’s over and you’re back at home. Set up your Smartfrog Cam quickly and easily to WiFi and power, and it’s ready to go. During the time you are away from your holiday home you can be checking in on it to ensure all is well. Smartfrog alerts you to any intruders or disturbances, so that you can take action. Don’t wait until summer is over – order your Smartfrog Cam today, and have everything in sight tomorrow.