Your guide to easy, tech-savvy spring cleaning

Your guide to easy, tech-savvy spring cleaning

You know it’s spring when the bees are a-buzzing and the birds are a-swooping, and your flowerbed is finally showing the fruits of your labour. It’s also a time for spring cleaning – but before you groan, we aren’t talking about washing out the drapes or scrubbing the floors! It’s about quickly and easily de-cluttering your life and putting in place some measures or products that will make you crown yourself ‘forward thinker of the year’ next spring. This is where smart tech comes in – offering fast solutions to problems and making your life easier, actually. Don’t limit yourself to the usual hoovering coins from down the back of the sofa – let the start of the warmer months be a time to assess how connected, sustainable and efficient your home life could be, and how easy it is.


Spring into a more secure home

Safety first, always. You can begin your spring overhaul with an assessment of how secure your home is. Consider a complete home surveillance solution as a long-term answer to your security needs. The Smartfrog Cam and free app helps you easily check in on your home from anywhere at any time, alerting you to any unusual activity or break-ins. You have the secure comfort of two-way audio and video storage, meaning if there is ever an intruder in your home, you can quickly alert the police, use the microphone to tell the burglar to leave, and hand over your video evidence to the authorities if you wish. It’s simple to install and easy to use, as well as affordable. For just £4.95 (€5.95) per month, with no minimum contract period, you can order today, and have everything in sight tomorrow. Spring is also a good time to check that other home safety elements are all in good nick, including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and safes.


Light up spring

It’s time to finally take care of that flickering light in the hallway, and replace that outdoor bulb you have been putting off for months. Think about a smarter option for your lighting needs, i.e. energy-efficient LED lights, which often help you save on electricity costs and they live longer than ordinary bulbs. Maybe with your newfound motivation you want to install some timed or motion-sensor lighting, which can act as a cost-saver as well as a good way to ward off thieves and stray animals.


Automate your abode

If you consider yourself allergic to cleaning and organising, then perhaps investing in some more automation around the home will pay off. Hoovering can be a breeze with a vacuum-bot that does it all for you, and perhaps a self-cleaning oven sounds to you like something dreams are made of. And for all those of us without a green thumb, there are gadgets that monitor the soil of your plants and alert you when they need attention.


Tech for your health

There are so many fit bits, apps, monitors and other tech aids out there for keeping you healthy and motivating you to exercise. While no tech product can be a substitute for a nice brisk walk, they may help remind or encourage you to actually take the stroll, and tell you how it’s helping your body. Forget New Years resolutions – spring is the perfect time for cleaning out your proverbial closet and easily establishing new routines.


Waste not, want not

Spring cleaning isn’t all about adding new ‘things’ to your home – it’s also about doing away with stuff that no longer functions or that you don’t use. Those kitchen electronics you ordered on a whim from the shopping channel? Sell them second hand. Batteries with no more juice lying around? Drop them into a battery recycling bin at your local supermarket. Old smartphone sitting in a drawer collecting dust? Give it to charity, or gift it to a friend or relative. You can even easily repurpose last season’s webcams, smartphones, tablets or laptops as security cameras to complement your Smartfrog Cam. Connect them via the free Smartfrog app and turn them into second, third or fourth cameras in your home or small business. Hey presto – a quick and easy way to see what’s happening at home from anywhere!