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Security tips for the Spring bank holiday long weekend: Stop burglars in their tracks

Britons are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Spring bank holiday long weekend (28-30 May), and Ireland is looking forward to a bank holiday on 6 June. Do you want to enjoy the long weekend, and still be sure that all is fine at home?

More than 700,000 burglaries were reported in England and Wales alone in 2014, and the rate is rising. The mornings and dusk are peak times for thieves to strike. Why? Because nobody is at home. Burglars always look for the simplest way to get into a home – windows or doors left ajar make it easy to break in. Easily-accessible closed windows are also a quick route in – especially on the ground floor, the first floor or out of view around the back of the house. If that wasn’t bad enough, the upper floors can also be unsafe, because people are less likely to be there. This means common and professional gangs of thieves can go quietly about their business.

Some criminals drive through a residential area and decide on the spot the home they want to burgle. However, it’s not only spontaneous thieves sneaking into other people’s homes – “long-game crooks” that make extensive plans also wreak havoc. Today we declare: it’s sneaky robbers vs. smart homeowners.

Some criminals are technically equipped to survey the presence or absence of residents using photo imagery from drones and other public sources, such as Google Earth.

What can you do to protect yourself against these criminals today?

It’s simple: you can quickly and easily protect yourself with technology. The Smartfrog Cam is a complete solution for home surveillance that will help you feel secure. With it you can always see inside your home when you’re not there, and foil thieves’ plans. Multiple rooms to monitor in your house or apartment? Not a problem with the Smartfrog app, which lets you connect and control up to 10 cameras. What if the room is dark? Not a problem – Smartfrog’s night vision function lets you recognise thieves in the dark, notified by intelligent alarms. All data is SSL-encrypted and is stored in an ISO-certified high-security data centre.

It’s up and running in just 5 minutes. Before you begin your well-earned long weekend, quickly and easily connect your Smartfrog Cam with your WiFi, power and you’re ready to go. For just £4.95 (€5.95) per month, with no minimum contract period, you can order today, and have everything in sight tomorrow.