Family with Easter eggs
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Quick and easy Easter holiday tips for fun and security

Have you thought about your security and safety over the Easter weekend? As well as collecting chocolate eggs and eating hot cross buns, protecting your family is a priority over this long weekend. So too is capturing spontaneous, special moments with your loved ones, and watching what is going on at home at any time.

We’re in the Easter spirit here at Smartfrog, and wanted to share some of our quick and easy tips for using your Smartfrog Cam this Easter holiday season:

If you’re out of town:

  • Thieves and burglars are more likely to strike around holiday periods. Smartfrog’s complete home surveillance solution can alert you if there is an intruder and saves the footage in your video storage. Prevent false alarms too, by checking to see if there was really a break-in before police or security are called.
  • Watch over your loved ones who need care. Keep in touch and supervise grandma and grandpa’s medication intake. Talk to them through the microphone and speaker, and see how night vision allows the Smartfrog Cam to monitor 24/7. For their privacy, you can train the camera on one specific area that you know they will visit each day. For example, if Grandma doesn’t go into the kitchen before 10am as usual, a push notification or email can be sent to your phone.
  • Ensure the pets are behaving themselves and not devouring the sofa or your favourite shoes! The Smartfrog Cam’s two-way audio (with loudspeaker and microphone) allows you to communicate with your furry friends from anywhere at any time, and check that they are not getting up to mischief.


If you’re staying at home, and have kids to entertain:

  • Capture some of the special moments at home with family, friends and pets. Place the Smartfrog Cam in the living room and capture the games, laughter and life over the course of your long weekend. Special moments can be easily shared with relatives and friends via email or social media.
  • Make the Easter egg hunt a more special and ‘techy’ affair, by showing the kids a time lapse video of where the eggs were hidden the night before and letting them solve the clues. The Smartfrog Cam’s night vision will allow you to hide the eggs in the dark, and show the kids that the Easter bunny hid the eggs in the dead of night. If you have a spare rabbit costume lying around, then all the better!
  • With Smartfrog time-lapse you can watch 24 hours of footage in 5 minutes – you can choose a section of the timeline to show to the kids. After the egg hunt, let the children watch their adventure captured on the Smartfrog Cam.
  • You’re on holiday – give yourself a night off! Keep an eye on your kids round the clock by using your Smartfrog Cam as a baby monitor. Settle in for a romantic evening or go downstairs to the Italian restaurant for a meal. Night vision, and motion and sound detection, helps alert you if your baby cries.

So before you clock off work for the Easter long weekend, connect your Smartfrog Cam with WiFi, power and it is ready to go! If you’re away visiting friends or family you can keep everything at home in sight, ensuring it is safe and secure. If you’re the one hiding the Easter eggs for the annual hunt, make sure you save a few for yourself – you deserve it.