Psychological effects of burglaries can often be serious and long lasting

The ONS reported that 789,000 burglaries were carried out last year in England and Wales – it’s a figure that is too high and affects too many households. Broken windows and jammed locks can be replaced, and sometimes stolen assets can be recovered or compensated. However on top of dealing with a loss of important personal property, a home burglary can rob victims of their sense of safety at home, making them feel deeply insecure in their own four walls.

2015 research carried out by Allianz Insurance found that it takes an average of eight months for burglary victims to feel safe in their homes again following the incident. More than half never again feel 100 per cent safe in their home, and one in 10 say they moved house after a burglary.

Psychologists and doctors agree that home break-ins are incredibly detrimental to victims from a psychological and emotional perspective. And for those who personally witness or encounter the burglary, the effects can be even more magnified, and possibly accompany physical injuries as well. Victims of burglary report feelings of anger, fear, anxiety and depression.

Whether you have been burgled before, or haven’t ever had to experience it, securing your home should be essential. This means keeping locks in good condition, taking safety precautions and having an IP camera keep watch over your home, whether you’re there or away. Easy to install and use, the Smartfrog Cam is one example of the kind of home surveillance solution that is affordable and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Users can monitor their home via their smartphone – via up to 10 connected cameras throughout the house or apartment. The Cam detects somebody approaching the window or trying to enter through the door, and sends an alert by email or a push notification. It is important to perform a range of security checks before going to bed or leaving the house, as well as adding a layer of smart home security for peace of mind, starting from just £4.95 (€5.95) per month.