What do you want to do better?

Keep an eye on everything via your smartphone, tablet or laptop: Surveillance cameras have been around for a long time, allowing you to see from far away whether a burglar is on the loose in the apartment or to check if the new puppy is behaving itself in the living room. Now another provider is on the scene with a complete solution that consists of an app, camera and video storage. The question is: What will Smartfrog do better? Smartfrog’s Berlin-based Marketing Manager, Leonie, answered five key questions.

What do you love about Smartfrog?

We’ve developed the most simple and affordable complete solution for home surveillance. When I tried it for the first time I could hardly believe that it took less than 5 minutes to install the Smartfrog Cam via the app. It was a great feeling to see our vision developed into a product that’s as easy to use as a remote control.

Why do you think some people have reservations about converting to a smart home?

Most people still think that converting to a smart home is too complex and expensive. A lot of the time they are not wrong. But we want to show that it can be the other way around: simple and affordable.

You have a free option – how does that work?

Yes, that’s right. Anybody can use our app with their old smartphone or web cam, even if they don’t have the Smartfrog Cam. These devices turn into intelligent camera in just a few quick steps.

What then motivates people to buy the Smartfrog Cam?

A repurposed device naturally can’t completely replace a specially developed camera solution. The user has to accept certain restrictions, such as the lack of night vision function. Users can fully enjoy all features with the Smartfrog Cam, but nevertheless the free version offers users a variety of options, as well as giving users with high technical requirements the opportunity to form a first impression about the intuitive interface of our app or to use additional cameras as a complement to the Smartfrog Cam. For users who just need a restricted freebase solution, for example those in developing countries, the freemium solution is a great entry point.

Is Smartfrog safe and secure?

We uphold the highest security standards. The same encryption is used for the transfer of data as for online banking. The data is saved in ISO-certified high security data centres. In addition to this, members of our company and the management are also the founders and management from Strato, ClickandBuy as well as AVG. The team collectively has decades of experience with security and the handling of sensitive data.

What can you use the product for?

First and foremost you can use your smartphone or computer to check that everything is fine at home when you’re on the go. The Smartfrog Cam acts as a baby monitor with its night vision function, to watch over pets or as a support in the care of the elderly or those with disabilities. Once something moves or a sound is recorded, users receive an alarm via email or a push notification on their mobile device. Additional technical details include the 8x zoom and time lapse, with the ability to turn a day’s recordings into a 5-minute video clip that can be shared with friends, for example via social media networks.